Maghrebia Vie Insurance

Project Description

This solution was developed to help MaghrebiaVie insurance to follow and manage day per day their sales team activity.

The solution is composed of two part

An Android mobile application (adapted to smartphones and tablets) that allows to:

  • Scroll through offers to show the different advantages of each
  • Calculate customer charges based on defined benefits and customer configuration entered (Simulate offers)
  • Validate the offers selected by customers, generate the offer in PDF and send it to the customer.
  • Consult your appointments, plan new appointments, edit or cancel an appointment.
  • Display of appointments in daily, weekly, monthly and annual mode.
  • Add a meeting report after each appointment to enter the collected information in real time.
  • Add a summary of appointments
  • Add reminders on appointments.

A management and administration module that allows you to:

  • Management of user profiles for the use of the mobile application such as(add, modify and deactivate user account)
  • Managing access to the back office module ie (add, modify and disable manager account)
  • Manage prospects
  • Plan appointments for sales team.
  • Consult the various reports written by the sales representatives
  • Manage weekly reports; Monthly and annual reports on:
    • Number of prospects / clients per month
    • Number of sales per salesperson (per month, per quarter, per year)
    • The Portfolio Value of Bonus for each salesperson(per month, quarter, year)
    • Number of offers simulated and offer validated by salesperson(per month, per quarter, per year)