Project Description

This application falls within the concept of inclusive citizenship and so that citizens assume their status. It will allow citizens to send complaints relating to the water supply service, such as: cuts, pressure shortages, water quality, acts affecting the water quality and environment , etc.

it’s used to report violations of water or heritage such as the findings of water leaks in the street, damage and equipment failure, vandalism of infrastructure, encroachments or constructions on grip of the water pipe network, bribery, etc.

In return, the mobile application is a way assuring citizens feedback.
The application also allows to inform citizens of their bills, to notify the payment of bills, view their historical and its water consumption volumes.

Geoloclization will also help him find his way to the headquarters of SONEDE districts, or to points of interest near the place where it is located.

The application is part of efforts by SONEDE to facilitate access to information through ICTs.

Live Preview