Tunandroid App

Project Description

Follow all the news related to mobility and the latest technological and scientific news in Tunisia or abroad.

Tunandroid The application allows you to be informed about:
• The latest “news” on mobility as well as the latest technological and scientific news
• All the project-related information available in Tunisia done by the civil society as the project of the “International Technology Card”
• Some news about the “Community” of Developers: events, publications, etc.
• Innovations in the world of “Development” with official technical publications submitted on Tunandroid by large groups such as Intel and Microsoft.
• From “Our selection” of the best new apps
• Any other news that may affect you as a developer or mobile user

The application allows among others to easily save your favorite items to find them more easily and to contact Tunandroid.com from the “Contacts” section.

Find us also on:
• Our Official Website: www.tunandroid.com